Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Flea and OMG

It's that time of the month and you know what that means...Flea Market Weekend! Brandy, her mom, Melanie, and me arrived at 9am armed with cash and bags ready to be filled. Here are some finds that were pic worthy:

Medieval brass candlesticks

pink flamingo...that light up

over the top frame

she would be fab painted

wooden fish with brass fins

groovy chevron cushioned bench

chrome chair with perfect white vinyl

white fiberglass outdoor set that Brandy should have bought

The flea was a bust for me so we headed across the bridge to East Nashville for lunch at Mad Donna's , a walk through Wonders on Woodland, then over to OMG where I found this:

super cool cuff bracelet with my hubs initials on it
I couldn't pass this up. Good girl day...might have to make another run through never know...


  1. Love the wooden fish - I do lots of ocean fishing and they would fit in the man-cave decor my SO has goin on!

  2. So funny, I saw some of that but missed others. Everyone sees something different. I actually bought a carved wood drum table thing. Very interesting. Still not sure where I'm going to put it. Love your cuff! Oh, and my daughter is not a fan of the white and chrome chair, so feel free to grab it!

  3. It was nice seeing y'all again. I bought a cowhide. Hoping to hit it again next month. Maybe we can all do lunch then!

  4. Wow just realized that sounded so dirty. I meant flea!

  5. It was such a beautiful day there; found a great double bed and an amazing deal on a farmhouse table and benches which were in the booth right behind that chrome chair with the white seat...otherwise, not much. Looking forward to April!

  6. I can't wait for you to tell me what I should do with the bench I bought at the always know how to drag me out of my own way when it comes to decorating! My Italian white and gold dish is on the mantel. I love your cuff...its my fave find of the day.

  7. I'm so sad I missed it this just didn't work out with the schedule this time...looks like you ladies had a blast!

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