Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Love Letters!

As I was walking through my house and putting laundry away, I realized that I have may have a problem collecting oversized letters. But I love them!
1. Dining Room: This one, once upon a time, had the ability to light up, which makes it extra cool.
2. This one is in our narrow back staircase so it's hard to get the right angle but the color is amazing.
3. This one is super shiny and chunky and it's in my daughter Emily's room. I think the industrial letter with the over the top mirror is a good combo.
 4. This one is also in Emily's room. The stainless with the black edge is perfect for her room.

Nobody uses letters in their home like the Novogratz's


or Jenna Lyons

So maybe I'm on to something...

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