Monday, March 25, 2013

A History Lesson If You Want One

This weekend was a blur.
We left Nashville Friday afternoon to drive to Louisiana to attend 3 events.
A birthday party, a football game, a was a lot.
The wedding was at the most amazing venue...The Cabin in Burnside, La.
This is a collection of buildings that date back to the 1800's and have been moved to this location which is now a restaurant and an event venue.
The restaurant was a slave cabin from the Monroe Plantation. There is a bricked courtyard with several buildings enclosing it. One building is a schoolhouse that dates back to 1867 and was the first Catholic school for children of color in Louisiana.The chalkboard is still on the wall. The other buildings are 2 slave cabins from the Helvetia Plantation. It really is like walking back into time.

the cabin gonzales - Google Search 

 the cabin gonzales - Google Search

Of course we had to have a second line there

If you haven't been to a wedding in South Louisiana then you don't know that most of them will break out into one of these.
Second lining started back in the 1800's when a band would march and play behind a casket for a funeral procession...that's the first line. The people that would join in behind the band were known as the second line. Those people would usually carry umbrellas and hankerchiefs to protect them from the sun and to wipe the's fricking hot there.
So this is done at most weddings. We are fun and weird people.

So today this is happening

I guarendamntee ya I am not cooking tonight.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It All Started With A Rug

I find it so interesting that one small change can start a s##t storm.

I bought a chartreuse Persian rug recently at an estate sale and that is the one thing that has created temporary chaos in this house.

After a good cleaning, I unrolled it into my living room and it was the perfect size. It's in fantastic condition, doesn't smell, the color is so bright and fun...everything else looks like s**t.

I hated my room...didn't even want to go in there.

I even had a friend say "just roll it up and put it away till you figure out what to do".

No...I need to figure this out now. So I came up with a plan...Everything needs to go white and let the rug be the star of the room. First stop craigslist. I found two white drexel club chairs in perfect condition for $100.00 each. Sold.
Next...editing...big time.
New throw pillows. One in yellow. One in chartreuse. Two in zebra print.
Club chairs each got a pillow from Target's Threshold line that look like a Moroccan wedding blanket.
And the biggest change was painting the living room BM Simply White.

I am in love

Yes, that's a dog bed shoved behind the coffee table.

I found this bowl at an estate sale this weekend for $4.00

The gold and white vase was also found at an estate sale for $8.00

I added this mid century lamp that I already had to the bar.

Cost breakdown:

rug $100.00
paint $50.00
club chairs $200.00
estate sale pottery $12.00
Target pillows $80.00

Small investment for a large amount of happiness.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Must Read

I read constantly and voraciously so here is my recommendation for your next must read

Indiscretion by Charles Dubow

No, this is not a Fifty Shades Of Grey thing.
 This is about an interesting and intelligent couple who have an enviable relationship, a home in Manhattan and the Hamptons, and close friends that are like family...they receive any guest into their home like they have known them forever.
They are introduced to a young woman named Claire and she becomes entwined in their circle.

I have always been obsessed with the East Coast and summers vacationing in the Hamptons, so this book is like going on vacation for me. 

Source: via Diane on Pinterest

So do something for yourself, take the time, and enjoy this book.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Estate Sale Follow Up

During the cattle herd, I happened upon a few items for myself which happen to compliment my new fave chair that was found at the GW:

My maiden name happens to start with W so perfect!

They are both needlepoint and I want to think a fabulous woman like Rue McClanahan
made these.

The "big" purchase of the day was this 9x13 chartreuse/acid yellow Persian rug:

This pic does not in anyway represent this rug. The room was full of paneling and dark so it comes off me it's not.
( I don't know why people buy shower chairs and bathroom accessories at these sales)

So the plan for this big boy is to end up in my living room.

Can't wait for the next estate sale!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I think I might have been in Bea Arthur's house

Friday is estate sale day so bright and early Brandy and I fought traffic, stood in line in 32 degree weather, and were hearded into these homes like cattle off to slaughter.
Modfrugal  was also among the craziness and at one point we all looked at each other and questioned our sanity, but we live for this and thank God I have friends that enjoy the hunt.

It is so fun to walk into time capsules and this one home did not disappoint. All that was missing was the Golden Girls playing cards.

I found out the deceased owner of the home was originally from Miami and that is evident from the furnishings:

So here it to good girlfriends!

Monday, March 11, 2013

She Wore Blue Velvet

I love velvet.

If I didn't treat my dogs like humans and let have full reign of the house, I would have velvet covering the majority of my furnishings.

But this happens alot

  The above chair sits in my kitchen is well worn and well loved by certain members of my family. 

Obviously Brees and when Emily comes home, that is her perch.

However, it has seen better days.

So while strolling through the GW, I come across this:

Now, it too has some wear on it but I am obsessed with this chair. I mean it's blue velvet for crying out loud! 
Painting the legs would bring it to a whole new level.
High gloss white would be fine but black could be super sexy or even silver.
I grabbed her along with the blanket from yesterdays post and ran home.
The well loved crewel wing back has been replaced with blue velvet.

Ignore flooring because that will be changed in a couple of weeks.
You may think it's strange to want or have a wing back chair in your kitchen but because I don't have the whole open floor plan nonsense, I like comfy/cozy seating in this space. Some interesting convos have happend in this spot and I don't want that to ever stop.

I wish I could find some more blue velvety furniture like these because I would be the one to put velvet in the bathroom.

kelly green console + velvet blue chairs by Lara Spencer   blue velvet chair in bathroomblue velvet chair - Google SearchLush blue velvet chair

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Check Up and Check Out

Tuesday I braved the elements and had a check up with my orthopedist and you can all rest easy because my fibula is healing nicely. I should be good to go for next Mardi Gras in a few weeks.

After my appointment I ran in to the GW for a quick scan. It has been lack luster lately so I went in with low expectations...however...I was wrong:

This is a triple threat..Low Long and Lean

She just needs a facelift, but for $30 it's worth it.

A solid brass trivet.

Now if this had said Louisiana or Tennessee, I would have been all over it, but since I have no ties to North Carolina, I passed. 

I love colors in this blanket.

Now you don't have to go all cinco de mayo with this...possibilities are endless:

...I've been looking for a mexican blanket in exact these colors for a long time. Love it!

 loveseat recovered with mexican blankets and fabric remnants. I'll take one, thanks.

Perfect spaces for dinner a deux or feasts with friends
Source: via Simone on Pinterest

 The best find I will save for tomorrow's post...because it's that good