Tuesday, January 31, 2012

High Hopes

I already know this is going to be a stellar week for me because as I was in the drop off lane at Goodwill yesterday, the car in front of me pulled this out of the back of their SUV

It was so perfect and beautiful, but being fresh out the car, it wasn't priced so back I will be today!

You can't just drop off, you must go in, so walking back to the furniture department I spy this

I had a hard time getting a  good shot of this due to fact that it was so close to the shoe racks and I almost took out one whole row of shoes just to get this, but I love this piece! It would be amazing lacquered in white and would be great either in a bedroom, dining room or office.

With this kind of luck I am sure to conquer the pottery wheel tomorrow. I'm bringing mother with me so we will see how that goes. She may end up being either a source of inspiration or frustration. I will try to take pics of the dynamic duo.

Here are some rooms with some mid century pieces to get you going:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday, Flea and Me

Friday kicked off flea market weekend here in Nashville and I had the privilege of spending it with 3 amazing women, Kathy from http://myinteriorlife.blogspot.com/, Collyn from http://modfrugal.com/, and Brandy partner in crime. Flea Market this time of year is always a little disappointing but we still managed to find some interesting pieces:

there were 4 of these

I was so upset when I found out this was sold

For me this was the highlight of the day but at $350 a piece I had to walk away

The "Me" part of this post:

People start these blogs for many reasons, mine was therapy. I grew up in Baton Rouge, went to nursing school,  met my husband,  got married,  had kids and thought life was all figured out. I had a fantastic job working with an obgyn that I respected. I had that job for 15 yrs and I was really good at it. Then my husband gets a job promotion and we have the opportunity to move to Dallas. As a family we made the decision to do it. I would quit work, move my mother with us and start a new chapter in all our lives. It was terrifying for me because it meant, or felt like, I was losing my identity. Brian started his new position, kids adjusted to new schools and I was left to figure out how to be a house wife and deal with an elderly mother 24/7. I never was one of those women that wanted to be a stay at home mom. I loved working and this was torture. Why didn't I get a job? My husband travels all the time. My mother has a laundry list of health problems and is completely dependent on me. With no friends or family to rely on, I couldn't just go to a job everyday and leave mom or the kids. Three years later we move again, this time to Nashville. Same scenario,  Brian traveling, kids adjusting to new schools , one child pissed and rebelling, and mom in tow. At this point I have totally lost a sense of self and am not in a good place. I am angry, sad, and feeling guilty because I am so blessed. I'm tired of having to deal with a totally dependent parent, tired of being a maid and just want my old life back.

I started going to a therapist, made some friends and made the decision to give myself a job. Something for me that I had to do everyday that didn't involve cleaning, running to the pharmacy or grocery store, but something that I would enjoy. I have always loved design blogs and thought, why not, I could do this. So with the help of my son, I started. I didn't tell anyone. It was my secret and only for me. One year later I have made friends and feel like a belong to a community. I don't care if I have 1 or 100 followers, this is just a diary of my sometimes crazy, sometimes sad, wonderful full of love life that occasionally involves trips to the goodwill. I am truly blessed and am looking forward to this chapter in life.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Fought The Wheel And The Wheel Won

Yesterday was my third pottery class. I went in with the attitude that I was going to kick that wheel's ass and make Jonathan Adler look silly...I was wrong.  The wheel and I clearly don't get along and I would take pics of my 6 yr old looking bowl but I was covered in clay to the point that I could not handle a camera. I even managed to have my face splattered with the stuff. So I banished myself to the hand building area and made a sad tray. Clearly I missed out on this gene and am never going to be allowed in that pool...lessons or no lessons...I suck....my class fee should be refunded and I should walk away with my tail between my legs. But I won't. I will finish this and move on.

On a lighter note, my partner in crime and I went to check out a CL find and she scored on this amazing Baker champagne colored sofa from at least 1970. It  obviously was never sat on because it is pristeen!

This house was quintessential mid century down to that lovely orange rug. But one of the best features was this flocked red wallpaper in the dining room which also sported that same carpet:

I wish I could have gotten better shots but the guy we were buying the sofa from was standing right there and it was a little awkward . I know he thought we were whack jobs when we started feeling the dining room walls and whipping out cameras. Now I want flocked wallpaper in my life somewhere...you can't help but touch it.

I may have to just cover my dining room walls, but I will refrain from orange carpet

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Countdown Has Begun

                                                                 28 Days Till Mardi Gras

                                                       4 Days Till Flea Market Weekend In Nashville

Each equally as exciting though worlds apart:

Mardi Gras Crowd

Flea Market Crowd

Enthusiastic Mardi Gras Crowd

Enthusiastic Flea Market Crowd

At Mardi Gras people ride on the back of vehicles

At the Flea Market people ride in the back of vehicles

See, it's the same...but different

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pretty In Pink

I was running in Hobby Lobby for one thing and there she was in all her hot pinkness staring at me from the top of a shelf:

I fell in love instantly and knew a certain friend in my life would be all over this pooch.

I pass her up because these crazy people have her priced at $49.99....I didn't pay that much for my second dog Brees.

On my way out I spot these:

I wanted all of them. My camera did not capture the glossiness that was going on...they were an organizer's dream come true.

I love hot pink. I don't think it registers Barbie Dream House if you use it right.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Move Over Jonathan Adler...There's A New Potter In Town

So today was my second pottery class and it was a million times better than the first. The wheel and I did not get along last week but this week we worked on hand building and this is where I clearly need to stay. I loved it and would be fine never to play with that wheel again but next week we are back on it and I plan to kick it's ass before it kicks mine. I'm in awe of what can be created with something so simple as clay and the colors of glazes are spectacular so I can't wait to get to that stage. The people in these classes are an interesting bunch and they bring baked goods which is a huge plus.
I need inspiration so I went straight to Jonathan Adler and what he makes out of hunks of clay is mind blowing. It's good to have goals but I think I'll stick to bowls and dishes.

Here are some "goals" I have found that truly inspire me:

Source: ladylux.com via Libby on Pinterest

Source: dwr.com via Misa on Pinterest

Source: houzz.com via Lindsey on Pinterest

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself

All decorators/interior designers of doctor's offices should be ashamed of themselves! As I sit in the walk-in clinic of Vanderbilt with my daughter this morning, I find myself in complete disgust with medical waiting room decor. Why? Why does it have to be this way. I was an OBGYN nurse for 15 yrs. and a mom of 2 so I have seen my fair share of medical facilities and I have never sat in a waiting room and felt comfortable or relaxed. This is a missed opportunity for those doctors/nurses to get people calmed the f down.

Let's start with color. Why some form of skin color beige. Nobody wants to feel like they are sitting in a band aid box and obgyn offices are the worst! Why always green/peach or pink/blue palette? This really pisses me off.  If I don't feel good, I want cozy, warm, and comfortable. Not this:

Seating. Why so generic and stiff? If I have to sit for any length of time, I want to be comfortable.

Artwork. I don't want to look at mother's and children in meadows. Give me something that I can sit there and interpret for an hour or two.

Get the tv off of CNN of Fox News. I feel bad enough already.

Why not have a doctor's office look like a hotel lobby. Make me want to spend half my day there. Your patients won't complain about the wait, staff will be friendlier, and over all it could be a pleasant experience.
So designers....channel Kelly Weastler please!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

4 Day Recap


The Crochet family is on the road by 10am headed for New Orleans to cheer on LSU. The outside of the car is full of LSU magnets and we are pumped up screaming "Tiger Bate" to every Alabama fan we pass. We arrive at Brian's mom's house late that afternoon and everybody goes to bed early.


Face tattoos applied ,beer is on ice, catered food tray picked up, on the way to find a parking spot close to the quarter and the dome. 1 1/2 hrs. later we park, open the back of the car...time to party. 3 beers later I have to urinate. The best option I feel is the high school next to our $50 parking space. They had just let out and there were a bunch of kids hanging around. I walk up to one and ask if he can get me in. He tries to bang on the doors, which are locked because it's downtown NO. I notice that he has a certain beer company's key chain hanging out of his pocket, and I tell him my husband works for said beer company. He promptly introduces himself as Bennett and says he will get me in since that is his favorite beer. Great. 5 minutes later the captain of the dance team says Bennett got you in, go ahead. I am met at the door by a teacher who asks "can I help you?", I say "I'm with Bennett", she says go ahead.  Sure it's fine that a tipsy 46 yr. old woman with face paint and mardi gras beads says she is with a 17 yr. old. I go pee and then we head for the quarter.

Of course there were the typical New Orleans freaks out and about:

These 2 women attached themselves to my husband, he is the one that looks terrified.

We finally get to Pat O's where Randy and Ann are on a balcony.

Time to walk to the dome:

Total chaos in a good way.

Go in and lose. Don't want to discuss it.

Leave dome and Brian says "I'm pissed and I want to go home now" and that is what we did. We get to his mom's house by 12:15am, pack up our stuff and was on the road to Nashville by 12:30am. We pull in our driveway at 7:00am and go to bed.


Sleep till 1:00pm, shower go pick up the dogs. Go back to sleep.


Start my first pottery class. I suck. I was told that I am a tactile learner so I will learn differently than the others. In other words I am the special needs kid in the class. I even cut my finger while on the wheel so my pot has blood mixed in it.
After class pick up mother who needs blood drawn and groceries. I just want to take a nap. Run by my house, let dogs out, get groceries, pick Emily up from school, go back to my house. Let dogs in and Emily yells out "where is all this blood coming from?". Beau the great dane had whacked his tale and opened up a spot on it so blood was arcing all over my kitchen. I have blood on the ceiling, walls, counters and on us. I get him out in the garage where I chase him around with duck tape, because that works in so many situations. Get him in the car and we go to the vet. Now I have no idea how much blood is on me...I don't really care at this point. By the look on the receptionist face,  I must have looked like I was in a car accident or had been slashed by a serial killer. Beau's tale got wrapped up correctly and back home to clean the crime scene. Take mom back home, order chinese food and go to bed.


1:00am wake up in a pool of sweat and my chest feeling like an elephant has sat on me. Swig Nyquil and try and go back to sleep. I am now sitting here in my kitchen recording these events and seeing random spots of blood I missed yesterday.