Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Fought The Wheel And The Wheel Won

Yesterday was my third pottery class. I went in with the attitude that I was going to kick that wheel's ass and make Jonathan Adler look silly...I was wrong.  The wheel and I clearly don't get along and I would take pics of my 6 yr old looking bowl but I was covered in clay to the point that I could not handle a camera. I even managed to have my face splattered with the stuff. So I banished myself to the hand building area and made a sad tray. Clearly I missed out on this gene and am never going to be allowed in that pool...lessons or no lessons...I class fee should be refunded and I should walk away with my tail between my legs. But I won't. I will finish this and move on.

On a lighter note, my partner in crime and I went to check out a CL find and she scored on this amazing Baker champagne colored sofa from at least 1970. It  obviously was never sat on because it is pristeen!

This house was quintessential mid century down to that lovely orange rug. But one of the best features was this flocked red wallpaper in the dining room which also sported that same carpet:

I wish I could have gotten better shots but the guy we were buying the sofa from was standing right there and it was a little awkward . I know he thought we were whack jobs when we started feeling the dining room walls and whipping out cameras. Now I want flocked wallpaper in my life can't help but touch it.

I may have to just cover my dining room walls, but I will refrain from orange carpet


  1. You're so funny. I'm sure the guy was confused as to why you were molesting his walls, but any true design nut would get it. Love that sofa! Where is Brandy going to put it. Why do I never find sofas like this on CL? Can't wait till tomorrow. Hope the weather improves!

    1. Sofa is actually from estate sale several weeks ago in Brentwood. Kathy, they did not sell the orange chairs but the daughter is going to use in her dorm room!! What a waste :(

  2. I read your blog and really enjoy it. I live in the New Orleans area and thought you might want to check out a few of the local blogs I read. Bywater Boo, Modern 24/7, and The Visual Vamp.