Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Pretty Face in a Pretty Space

It was Brandy's birthday this past weekend and she bought herself the best

The artist is local and this piece was done for the Tomato Festival. It was inspired by the show Pretty Little Liars. I think it is perfect in her dining room.

she also bought this

which will go in her bedroom with this wallpaper behind it

but that's a work in progress

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Turkey Update

they are still here

they have surrounded our cars

so I have decided to feed and water them so I could move my car to go to Goodwill

I am insane for these chairs and it being orange just makes it even better 
great round mirrors
I found the shade that I know goes with my brass and glass lamp!
so much better!

Monday, August 29, 2011

A New Meaning For The Term "Yard Bird"

We had unexpected guests show up yesterday morning. They boldly walked up to our front yard

and proceeded to remove all the mulch from around one of our trees, get comfortable, and basically hang out all day

Now I am not a big fan of birds but this group has got me to thinking about "bird inspired" decorating

or a turkey dinner

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Insanely Great Day

My adorable son Christopher called me in between classes today and asked me to meet him for lunch. We ate and had time to kill so we walked up Main St. here in Franklin to a new junk shop that just opened and who was in there making a purchase but....

Mike Wolf
The store is called William Powell Co. and they have amazing things such as:


solid brass and there was a pair
self explanatory

would be killer in a foyer

love the colors in this map

Great day...Thanks Christopher for the invite!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Geaux Green!

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers going out to my father in law. He has been transferred to Tulane University Medical Center and if anyone can give him a fighting chance at getting better it is them. I'm a die hard LSU tiger fan but in this case I am cheering for the Tulane Green Wave medical army that has descended upon room 7113.

On a lighter note and staying with the green theme, look what was in the drop off zone of Goodwill this morning...

Excuse the bad lighting in the drop off zone and the blue walls don't help either but this sofa is amazing! The color is a blue/green and with the gold accents this is killer piece.

I could picture this bad boy in one of these rooms:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Going Home

I'm leaving today for New Orleans to be with my husband and his very sick father. Please send prayers our way. Peace out

Picker Sisters Makes Me Insane

Have you seen this show on Lifetime?

basically it's two hot chicks with money that drive around and pick up rusty trash from poor peoples yards, act like those annoying girls from high school that we all remember, and then get the stuff back to LA so this guy of theirs can turn the crap into their vision. These 2 act like they are struggling to pay for this stuff but then turn around and ship something that weighs 1000 lbs to LA. The concept for the show is good but these two girls could not be anymore annoying.

They meet people like this

and act super annoying with this frenetic banter back and forth

everything is very dramatic...then the hand motions begin

after all those shenanigans they haul it back and do this to it

and turn around and sell these $10 rusted wagon wheels for thousands...guess they have the last laugh

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Topsy Turvy

My friend Melanie has been renovating a house that needed some serious lovin and has recently wallpapered her daughters bathroom in Anthropologie's Topsy Turvy. So beautiful!!!!

Love this paper with the rustic wood mirror, vintage light in the hallway, and of course her daughter Allie. Good job Mel!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Some Peoples Trash Is Another Person's Treasure

So this weekend was spent trolling for treasures and I totally scored! Goodwill provided me with the following:

These mirrors have an acrylic frame around them. They would be great in a kids room if you were going for a nautical feel.

this wooden screen just needs a fabric change

I love men's pj tops to sleep in

So then I headed over to City Farmhouse to do some trolling and I found these:

greatest idea ever for old chains!

Then I craig stalked when I got home and found this:

image 0 image 1$250 for this mid century bench that extends to 8 ft. Brandy, if you don't buy this I may have to break up with you!