Monday, August 22, 2011

Geaux Green!

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers going out to my father in law. He has been transferred to Tulane University Medical Center and if anyone can give him a fighting chance at getting better it is them. I'm a die hard LSU tiger fan but in this case I am cheering for the Tulane Green Wave medical army that has descended upon room 7113.

On a lighter note and staying with the green theme, look what was in the drop off zone of Goodwill this morning...

Excuse the bad lighting in the drop off zone and the blue walls don't help either but this sofa is amazing! The color is a blue/green and with the gold accents this is killer piece.

I could picture this bad boy in one of these rooms:


  1. Okay, I'm obviously going to the wrong Goodwill stores. I never see anything quite this cool. Usually I can score some cool lamps but that's about it. I need to follow you around! Did you get this sofa or just covet it? Once again, thoughts and prayers going to the Tulane doctors.

  2. You can follow me anytime. The GW on 96 in Franklin never disappoints! Meet me at the Flea Market this weekend.