Monday, August 15, 2011

Some Peoples Trash Is Another Person's Treasure

So this weekend was spent trolling for treasures and I totally scored! Goodwill provided me with the following:

These mirrors have an acrylic frame around them. They would be great in a kids room if you were going for a nautical feel.

this wooden screen just needs a fabric change

I love men's pj tops to sleep in

So then I headed over to City Farmhouse to do some trolling and I found these:

greatest idea ever for old chains!

Then I craig stalked when I got home and found this:

image 0 image 1$250 for this mid century bench that extends to 8 ft. Brandy, if you don't buy this I may have to break up with you!

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  1. Had never heard of City Farmhouse before but just Googled it. Thanks so much -- will be making a trip out to Franklin this week for sure. So happy that you found my blog and vice versa. I love your blog!! xo, Ellen