Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Story of a Sectional

My BFF Brandy has been searching for the perfect sectional for her amazing mid century modern home for quite some time. Everything that she finds is either way to expensive, to big, or not the right shape.
Since I am a craigs list stalker, I regularly check for her because you just never know. Which leads to finding the perfect one

12 way hand solid wood frame tied neutral chenille sectional sofa with button tufted back made in the mid 1950's. I purchased this last summer from a record producer in Nashville. I have had it in storage till May. It is simply to large for my apartment. super comfortable. A twelve way hand tied sofa is the highest quality sofa that can be purchased and will last forever, as you can see from the pictures. firm cash price. delivery not available. This center section of the sectional will stand alone and the two end sections can be placed together

...except when she called she was 4th in line to see it and the guy was not scheduling people to come by because he had slipped and fell in a restaurant and broke his jaw in 2 places. His mouth was wired shut so she wasn't sure if his name was Keith or Steve because the poor guy could barely talk. She blows off the sofa. A few days go by and I couldn't get said sofa off my mind so I call Keith/Steve and say I am Brandy and was the sofa still available. Yes...you are #2. Later that evening #1 is a no show so we schedule to go see it. Before we leave the house Keith/Steve calls Brandy and wants her to know that the apartment that we are headed to is actually his brothers who has been admitted to rehab and the place is a mess. Great...we don't know if this sofa is full of heroine needles or drunk vomit stains.
 Long story short the sofa is amazing and she bought it on the spot.

The moral of this story is don't let a guy with his mouth wired shut and an addict heading to rehab stop you from buying the perfect sofa.

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  1. This is a great sofa and an awesome story. I love your blog and have just added it to the blog roll!