Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Picker Sisters Makes Me Insane

Have you seen this show on Lifetime?

basically it's two hot chicks with money that drive around and pick up rusty trash from poor peoples yards, act like those annoying girls from high school that we all remember, and then get the stuff back to LA so this guy of theirs can turn the crap into their vision. These 2 act like they are struggling to pay for this stuff but then turn around and ship something that weighs 1000 lbs to LA. The concept for the show is good but these two girls could not be anymore annoying.

They meet people like this

and act super annoying with this frenetic banter back and forth

everything is very dramatic...then the hand motions begin

after all those shenanigans they haul it back and do this to it

and turn around and sell these $10 rusted wagon wheels for thousands...guess they have the last laugh


  1. i am in COMPLETE agreement on all of the above.

    mikie and kristen

  2. Yeah... just watched 15 minutes of this and had to search Google to find out if anyone felt the same way I do. These two are awful. That guy who fixes everything for them... they may have said his name about 300 times in the 15 minutes I suffered through. "AWWW... AL-LANNN!" Terrible.