Thursday, September 26, 2013

Please Help

Baton Rouge tennis pro Johnny Wahlborg was in a significant automobile accident Friday evening, September 13th. He lost control of his truck on the way to see his students at a junior tournament in Mississippi. Johnny sustained multiple broken ribs, a broken arm, five broken vertebrae in his neck, bruised lungs, and trauma to the head. Luckily, there is no apparent nerve or brain damage, and he has some movement in his legs. 

He was in the ICU at Ocean Springs Hospital in stable condition and has since been moved to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. He was kept sedated for two days and on a respirator. Johnny is able to talk and communicate with his family. As you might expect, Johnny faces a long road to recovery. Please keep the Wahlborg family in your thoughts and prayers.

Johnny has been developing junior tennis players in Baton Rouge for the past 25 years. In an excerpt from Johnny’s web site Johnny’s motto is “love the battle” - “The battle to develop a positive attitude, even when things get tough, in tennis, in sports, and in life. We strive to help our students develop confidence, do their best, accept life’s challenges, and excel in everything they do – on and off the court.”
This is more than a guy who got into a car accident. This is about a family that is not only dedicated to each other, but to their community as well.
Total Tennis is not just coaching children and adults in tennis, they are also heavily involved with the Special Olympics and wheelchair tennis.
His wife Hydie is the executive director of Girls On The Run which inspires young girls to be happy, healthy, and confident.
So in closing, please consider a donation to help this family. I know life is expensive and many of you have a charity/church you may support but this family could not be anymore deserving. They pay it forward every day and are dedicated to others which is how we all should live.
In an effort to help Johnny’s family, a donation account at Iberia Bank has been established. Donations may be made in one of two ways: 1) You can visit any Iberia Bank location and make a donation by check or cash; 2) You may send a check made out to Johnny Wahlborg c/o Craig Netterville, Senior Vice President, Iberia Bank, 3700 Essen Lane, Baton Rouge, LA 70809. If you have any questions about donations, you can e-mail Craig at or you can e-mail me at

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Could It Be Black Friday

Yesterday I posted about jcp having some great affordable lighting H&M.

Weird though everything I was attracted to is black.

I think I'm ready for fall. I know I am.

Faux Fur Cushion Cover

Glass Tealight Holder
Cushion Cover with Sequins
H&M offers fashion and quality at the best price | H&M US

Sequined Cushion Cover
 I couldn't leave out a hit of gold!

To Good To Pass Up

jcp has really done a great job with improving their home dec inventory but these lighting options that are on sale are almost to good to be true if you are in the market for something new:

Hammered Dome Pendant Ceiling Light in Black/Gold

Exposed Bulb Pendant Ceiling Light in 5 colors

Modern Drama Faceted Table Lamp

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Greek Geek

This past weekend I went to the Greek Festival for several reasons.

1. The food. So frickin good! You are high if you don't love Baklava, Spanokopita, and a gyro with Tzatziki dip.

2. Who doesn't admire a belly dancer? As a person with a total spinal fusion, I wish my body could do that.
Love the colors, the metallic bling , and the chutzpah to do it in public.

3. These people are fun...who doesn't like to yell out "Opa" after every song.

4. The Kardashian's vacationed there recently.

Kourtney should have thought about those pants more.

5. And I haven't even mentioned the architecture!

So I came home and made a big bowl of Greek cucumber salad and yelled "Opa" when I finished.

Here is the recipe

So Greek Geek out and yell "Opa" after you do an activity.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Favorite Character of G.O.T. Part 2

The next hottie I will introduce you to is Jon Snow.

Pretty good, right?

His hobbies include saving abandoned puppies

and he lives here:

His favorite color is black and he is not a fan of PETA

If Jon was in today's world, he would definitely be more comfortable here:

and then he could run around like this more:

Monday, September 9, 2013

My New Obsession

Like I  need a new time suck, but my son has gotten me obsessed with Game Of Thrones.

I am now on the second book and he is on the fifth and we are watching the series. Now I am not into fantasy films/books at all. It's just not my thing and this is what I call fantasy light.

What I really like about watching the HBO series is the scenery, costumes and styling. I would have absolutely no desire to live in Medieval times...I wouldn't last 5 minutes, but the gowns, the gold, the jewels, I could handle.
One of my favorite characters is Daenerys Targaryen.

Young, hot, tough, and earthy

Her living quarters at one point in the show was this:

That is definitely not glamping.
I am thinking modern day Daenerys would hang out in something like this:

After certain tragic situations, Daenerys morphs into this look:

I can't even take how beautiful this is.

In this look she has stopped camping and is more at a club med type of place:

And she hangs out with people like this:

And wears jewelry like this:

So I'm thinking modern day cleaned up Daenyers would live in something like this:

So if you enjoy watching/reading about the issues of social hierarchy, religion, loyalty, corruption, sexuality, civil war, crime, and punishment, then this is for you...and there are really cute guys in it.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

If Ralph Lauren and Mary McDonald Had A Baby

Over the weekend I opened up my new Southern Living and was expecting to drool over the Caramel Apple Blondie Pie recipe but in fact I was dying over the home in South Carolina decorated by Mathew Bees.

Now from the front it looks like every other home here in Franklin Tennessee

I mean mine looks like this:

Minus the red light district door, they are pretty much alike.

So I was blown away by the interior of this 100 year old home. It's like if Ralph Lauren and Mary McDonald had a baby, this is the home they would live in.

So this is who I believe is their love child...Mathew Bees

Can you imagine what a Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Kelly Wearstler hook up would create?