Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Greek Geek

This past weekend I went to the Greek Festival for several reasons.

1. The food. So frickin good! You are high if you don't love Baklava, Spanokopita, and a gyro with Tzatziki dip.

2. Who doesn't admire a belly dancer? As a person with a total spinal fusion, I wish my body could do that.
Love the colors, the metallic bling , and the chutzpah to do it in public.

3. These people are fun...who doesn't like to yell out "Opa" after every song.

4. The Kardashian's vacationed there recently.

Kourtney should have thought about those pants more.

5. And I haven't even mentioned the architecture!

So I came home and made a big bowl of Greek cucumber salad and yelled "Opa" when I finished.

Here is the recipe

So Greek Geek out and yell "Opa" after you do an activity.


  1. Um, yum! How do I keep missing these festivals. I need to pay more attention! :)