Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good Isaac/Bad Isaac

You would have to be living in a cave to not know that Hurricane Isaac is pounding Louisiana right now and I have many friends and family literally sweating it out there..especially my baby girl.
So far she is high and dry at her cousin's house where a full on hurricane party is in full swing. 
What else is a girl to do?

Maybe mud wrestle:

There are several good Isaac's and bad Isaac's.

Bad Isaac:

At least the bar was open.

Good Isaac:


 Bad Isaac:

WTF Isaac Mizrahi is up with your Spring 2012 collection?

Good Isaac:

Monday, August 27, 2012

Flea Market Finds

This past weekend was flea market weekend and despite the heat, it was a really good one. 

The first item spotted was this:

Unfortunately the price was to high for my wallet that day so I moved on.

Love the globe on a brass stand

This would look great in a man's walk in closet/dressing room.

This would be so cute in a boy's room.

This malachite lamp was definitely bought my me and sold to a friend of mine the same day.

This is my biggest regret...this amazing yellow velvet sofa was $100 and I did not pull the trigger!

This was another pricey but beautiful chair.

This one was priced ok but she didn't come home with me.

So, what did make it home?

These cushions are temporary until something can be made for it, but I love this rattan sofa.

I bought this black and gold mirror to sell but I think I have fallen in love so she might have to stay.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Brass and Glass Extravaganza

This morning I was up and outa here early for an estate sale. The pics looked promising and I was the first in line. If you do the estate sale circuit you will understand what an accomplishment that is.
I had my eye on a bar cart...of course.
A lady behind me in line asked if I was interested in anything in particular and when I said the bar cart, she looked at me like I was crazy and said I could have it.
Thanks Mrs. Crank, glad I don't have to throw an elbow your way.

When the door opened there was my cart


I was so bummed but it could go really '80's so I moved on.

Then I saw these items and I started seeing a common thread:

Don't knock the brass and glass look...Oh it has potential:
Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Apparently these people loved some brass and glass.
I however walked away empty handed.
That's the way it goes sometimes...but at least I was first in line!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Should You Grunt At The Gym?

This is week 2 of my gym membership and I have been going every day except for Wednesday's, which is senior citizen day at Publix, and Sunday's. Those 2 days are reserved for the Ya Ya Mom and if you have never gone shopping on a senior citizen day, you my friend are missing out. Anyway, to address the title of the post, I have a HUGE problem with these doucher's grunting like a porn star in the gym. Why must the whole place sound like Zach and Miri Make A Porno? Love that movie but I don't want to listen to happy endings every few minutes.

That's all I have to discuss today, so everybody work out and don't grunt.

And if you go to Publix on West End, I'll be the one arguing with an old woman about what she puts in her cart.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Design On Really A Dime

The guest room is finished and it was definitely done on a shoestring budget...remember I have one college graduate and now one just starting.
The whole redo started with finding this inspiration piece at the flea:

and that lead to painting the mid century dresser a beautiful jade green:

A visit to the hall linen closet, grabbing some leftover lamps from the sale, adding black lamp shades from Target, and last but not least...the estate sale art that was $20 and there my friends is a pretty stylish room on a budget.

Sometimes it just takes one piece to set off a change and it doesn't have to be a large investment. I am a firm believer in reuse, re purpose, and shop at home. Also estate sales, thrift stores and flea markets are a gold mind of one of a kind finds. It takes patience and time but when you find that "it" piece, it is like a light bulb going off in your head or your floor

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Little Crewelty Is Good

I hit an estate sale bright and early Friday morning at a great mid century modern ranch home here in Franklin. Unfortunately being 8th in line caused me to miss out on the large items...aka a Saarinen dining table with 4 tulip chairs. Oh well, I did snag this off the wall:

A crewel stitch framed piece for $20. Love the size, color, everything about it and it is the perfect finishing touch to my guest room.  I actually got a seal of approval from the ya ya mother, and she has a super critical eye.
So if you happen to come across either a piece of crewel fabric, whether it's vintage or modern, don't think it is too traditional or crafty feeling, it actually brings a bit of texture to a room.

This piece of crewel work looks amazing surrounded by modern elements.

Anthro carries crewel about texture.
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

I need this lamp in my life!
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Love using it on a headboard.
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

And last but not least, the kitchen...why not?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Molding Question

So today is day 2 at the gym and day 1 of guest room redo. My question to you it weird to paint your molding black in one room if the whole house has white molding?
I found some amazing deals today from various sources...aka Goodwill, TJ Maxx, and my own linen closet and I'm loving the direction this is going. So I came up with this idea of painting the moldings black but I am on the fence. Will this be a disconnected room to the whole house? Is there some rule that I'm not aware of? Do I say f it, I don't care, it's for guest and it should feel special?
I love the look but should it be all over and not in one stupid room?


Talk amongst yourselves...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting Back To Whatever Normal Is

Well it's been almost a week without my Emily and I can honestly say it's gets a little easier every day. The house is a little quieter, the laundry basket is not as full, and her room is still empty, but she sounds good on the phone, she got an on campus job, and classes start on Wednesday.
What more can you ask for?

So today was day 1 of a gym membership just for me and I actually went and survived. I vow to go every day...PROMISE.

I also am ready to get this guest bedroom changed pronto.

Here is what the whole room will be designed around:

I had bought this at the last flea market and really love it so that means that this anthro/domino inspired room will now become asian meets modern. Does this in any way sound like a certain show on HGTV that gives a style diagnostic?
Any way here are my inspiration pics that I will pull elements from:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest
Source: via Jerry on Pinteres


Totally kidding but I admire the creativity.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Empty Nest

Well, its' done.
I have cried more tears than a body should produce.
Brian and I started crying the morning we left. Looking at this child on the floor with the dogs telling them goodbye, then turning to her big brother and both of them bawling was gut wrenching. I know, it's like a Lifetime movie.
Move in day was another roller coaster. It was 1000 degrees, her room assignment was on the 3rd floor, and when we put the key in the door to her bedroom, the ac was blowing warm air. Needless to say after several trips to the car and up three flights of stairs, we were drenched and pissed.
Me being the menopausal bitch that I am, I hightailed it to the housing office and within the hour we had a new window unit installed.

These pics are terrible but it was as good I could manage.

So yesterday I never got dressed and spent the day deep cleaning her room. I went through all her pics, organized her closet, washed all bedding, and dusted. When I was through and satisfied that it was perfect, I lay down on her bed and felt grateful and blessed. 
Today I feel better. She has called us and told us she got the job on campus that she was hoping for.
My baby is on her own, making her way without me micromanaging.
So my nest is quiet, clean, and slightly emptying feeling but this mama bird is proud of her babies.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Lortab Lamp

We are pretty organized and somewhat ready to leave for the dreaded drive Sunday to drop off Emily, so I decided to keep busy and do a little junkin' and thrifting and that paid off. I found this uber cra cra lamp in the corner on the floor of my local GW:

It's hard to tell from this pic but the orange is fantastic and the white textured overlay is the right amount of funk.

So I get up to the counter to pay and the lovely female checkout person says "Find everything you wanted?"
I say " Absolutely...I got a crazy cool lamp!"
She says "It looks like a kind of fruit, I can't think of the name because I'm on Lortab"
I say "An orange?"
She says "No smaller, and with that white stuff inside that you peel off"
We went through every possibility, from tangerine to satsuma. Meanwhile the line is growing behind me and people are not finding this convo funny. I finally paid for my lamp and told Lortab Lady to have a nice day and she responds, "Oh I am"
Whatever gets you through the day...I will probably need one of those on Sunday.

I can see this orange peel lamp in many are a few:

Have a great weekend and keep me in your thoughts and prayers. That drive home without a child will be the longest ride of our life.