Monday, August 20, 2012

A Little Crewelty Is Good

I hit an estate sale bright and early Friday morning at a great mid century modern ranch home here in Franklin. Unfortunately being 8th in line caused me to miss out on the large items...aka a Saarinen dining table with 4 tulip chairs. Oh well, I did snag this off the wall:

A crewel stitch framed piece for $20. Love the size, color, everything about it and it is the perfect finishing touch to my guest room.  I actually got a seal of approval from the ya ya mother, and she has a super critical eye.
So if you happen to come across either a piece of crewel fabric, whether it's vintage or modern, don't think it is too traditional or crafty feeling, it actually brings a bit of texture to a room.

This piece of crewel work looks amazing surrounded by modern elements.

Anthro carries crewel about texture.
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

I need this lamp in my life!
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Love using it on a headboard.
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

And last but not least, the kitchen...why not?


  1. Love it! So bummed I missed that sale. It was really close to me too. Oh well. Glad you snagged a goodie. I have an Otomi embroidery that I love and still need to figure out where it will land!

  2. Love that piece! Sad I couldn't hit that sale, but glad you did!