Monday, August 27, 2012

Flea Market Finds

This past weekend was flea market weekend and despite the heat, it was a really good one. 

The first item spotted was this:

Unfortunately the price was to high for my wallet that day so I moved on.

Love the globe on a brass stand

This would look great in a man's walk in closet/dressing room.

This would be so cute in a boy's room.

This malachite lamp was definitely bought my me and sold to a friend of mine the same day.

This is my biggest regret...this amazing yellow velvet sofa was $100 and I did not pull the trigger!

This was another pricey but beautiful chair.

This one was priced ok but she didn't come home with me.

So, what did make it home?

These cushions are temporary until something can be made for it, but I love this rattan sofa.

I bought this black and gold mirror to sell but I think I have fallen in love so she might have to stay.


  1. That was a fun time. Glad you got the rattan number.

  2. I LOVE my lamp (and all your finds, of course)!! Thank you, Ms. Picker extraordinaire! Oh, and not to get greedy, but I met with my client today who happens to be in the market for a tall, thin black and gold mirror. How much would it take for you to part with it? And what exactly are the measurements?? Thank you!! :)

  3. any chance you know how I could get my hands on that's exactly what I've been looking for color and all! you can contact me at