Friday, August 10, 2012

The Empty Nest

Well, its' done.
I have cried more tears than a body should produce.
Brian and I started crying the morning we left. Looking at this child on the floor with the dogs telling them goodbye, then turning to her big brother and both of them bawling was gut wrenching. I know, it's like a Lifetime movie.
Move in day was another roller coaster. It was 1000 degrees, her room assignment was on the 3rd floor, and when we put the key in the door to her bedroom, the ac was blowing warm air. Needless to say after several trips to the car and up three flights of stairs, we were drenched and pissed.
Me being the menopausal bitch that I am, I hightailed it to the housing office and within the hour we had a new window unit installed.

These pics are terrible but it was as good I could manage.

So yesterday I never got dressed and spent the day deep cleaning her room. I went through all her pics, organized her closet, washed all bedding, and dusted. When I was through and satisfied that it was perfect, I lay down on her bed and felt grateful and blessed. 
Today I feel better. She has called us and told us she got the job on campus that she was hoping for.
My baby is on her own, making her way without me micromanaging.
So my nest is quiet, clean, and slightly emptying feeling but this mama bird is proud of her babies.


  1. I cannot even imagine how hard that was. I'm crying just reading it. I'll be a babbling idiot when my baby leaves the nest. But you should be very proud - you've got two incredible kids (whom I've never met, but I've met their mama so I know!)!

  2. She is lucky girl to have such loving parents.

  3. She is such a fearless and smart young woman. I know she'll do great, forging her own way, with the love and support of her awesome parents.

  4. I can only begin to fathom how hard that was. I dread that day when my time comes, and I'll probably have eyes so swollen I'll look like someone beat me and I won't even be able to leave the house. I feel for you and I hope it will get easier soon!

  5. Melissa, I direct transition programs for freshman on a college campus, and I can assure you that you're not alone. I've seen more than my share of crying parents this week! :) It sounds like you've given your daughter every possible tool for success--not to mention the world's coolest dorm room decor! I wish all our students' parents were so supportive. Hugs to you!