Friday, December 30, 2011

Tale of Two Offices

This month has been busy for everyone but as I sit here now at the end of it, I am in awe of what has taken place. Not only has my 1st born graduated from college, but my friend Brandy and I decided to form a design business and landed our first job. This being said, 2 "offices" have been designed. My son used his graduation money to build his own super computer that will hopefully design himself into independence, aka: out on his own, so an "office space" was needed to house this machinery. Four garbage bags later, some serious dusting and a trip to goodwill formed this space:

This is how he was functioning for 4 yrs. of graphic design school:

Now the situation is this:

chair is from the GW
art given to him for Christmas from the most amazing store here in Nashville called OMG
The artwork is supposed to motivate and inspire.

Now for office space #2 that was a paying job. It was a space in an engineering firm on Music Row that needed to shuffle some personnel around and turn a small conference room into a usable space for their director of marketing. It was an interesting challenge for two people that typically pour over design mags featuring homes, but we  faced this job like we would a home...think about form and function. This employee needed to access large binders and used multiple monitors on the desk so large desk space and open storage was key. However in any office there are always items that need to be concealed so closed storage is important as well. Keep in my that this is an engineering firm so the esthetic is clean and sleek.

We started out with a space that looked like this minus the credenza sans drawers:

  Typical office carpet, red/orange feature wall, no natural light, dry eraser board, $1000.00 budget.

We had no time to change the "feature wall" color so we decided to use a complimentary color with it, turquoise, which happened to be in these amazing mid century modern chairs. Open storage was provided by the  shelving above the desk  and closed storage in the credenza. The painting picked up on the wall color and every room needs a great lamp.
All in all it was a great experience and am looking forward to what the new year brings.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Plenty of Pattern

Anyone that has been to my house can tell you that I love mixing patterns. I think because I grew up in a very minimalistic environment, I tend to veer the opposite way. So here are some spaces that my mom would call busy, cluttered, and chaotic...just the way I like it! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tickled Pink

Christmas is almost here and I am happy to say it's all done! I know we are only 3 days away but in my world that's huge. Every year at this time I tell myself I will start earlier next year, but I never do. I do actually plan my wrapping strategy early and this year I went with a hot pink theme, because what better color screams fun and excitement like pink?

This time of year should be about fun, family, and friends so enjoy these rooms with a shot of pink and get excited like Brees but keep your legs closed please.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Personal Christmas List

I have taken care of all gifts except stocking stuffers ,that will be accomplished today. Now I can reflect on what I would like:

1. a daily maid service
2. all carpet ripped out upstairs and replaced with hardwood
3. brand new kitchen
4. liposuction
5. botox
6. unlimited budget at Anthropologie with personal shopper
7. butt load of money to open my own store on 12th south so I can sell all of my finds

Back to reality...I just want my friends and family to be super happy. Here are some rooms that will start the day right:

I hope you get at least one thing on your personal list!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flea Market Weekend

This flea market was not stellar but I did manage to score some good finds:

they are now living in the attic with there yellow friend till after holidays

6 of these amazing dining room chairs that will be lacquered and given new cushions.

love those pulls

I can't resist vintage portraits

So I had to get her because I clearly have a problem but I thought she could be friends with Betty downstairs.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"There Are 5 Different Types of Chairs In This Hotel Room"

Remember the scene in the movie "Knocked Up" when Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd where doing shrooms in Vegas and Seth notices the chairs in their room? That's what I felt like today at the GW...but I wasn't on shrooms:

It was a little creepy, but then I went inside and found some really good ones

There is obviously a common cane factor going on which I am obsessed with and this yellow guy came home with me.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Go Big or Go Home

I think if you are going to do wallpaper in the foyer you should go big or go home. What I mean is the foyer is the part of your home that makes the first impression, so if you have the balls to hang wallpaper there, it should make a statement...because you know that's what you were trying to accomplish in the first place. We all have a personality, so show it the minute you walk in to your home:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest