Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Personal Christmas List

I have taken care of all gifts except stocking stuffers ,that will be accomplished today. Now I can reflect on what I would like:

1. a daily maid service
2. all carpet ripped out upstairs and replaced with hardwood
3. brand new kitchen
4. liposuction
5. botox
6. unlimited budget at Anthropologie with personal shopper
7. butt load of money to open my own store on 12th south so I can sell all of my finds

Back to reality...I just want my friends and family to be super happy. Here are some rooms that will start the day right:

I hope you get at least one thing on your personal list!

1 comment:

  1. Love your list, but I agree - I just want everyone to be happy. I would love new French doors, to get my hardwoods redone, some new carpet, etc. Oh, and I'd love to partner with you on the store - we need to find some investors! So glad I ran into you and your mom today! Hope you got all your stocking stuffers!