Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whacky Wednesday

Today was weird and wonderful all at the same time. Here are the sequence of events:

1. It snowed today, like for 2 hours steady.

2. I had a hair appointment and I decide, since I am old as dirt, that I need to be a brunette

Brian is out of town so not sure what the hubs is going to say but I'm old so who cares?

3. Went by the GW and scored

best brass and acrylic lamp ever!!!!

pile of trunks, don't know what to do with them but still cool

I am always attracted to these because I think you can use them so many ways

like cover them in fabric

black and brass is always a good combo

4. Ran stupid other errands that are not even remotely interesting

All in all, a good day and snot is at a minimum so you can't ask for more than that.


  1. OMG, please tell me you bought that lamp! I'm dying. Love your new hair color - very chic!

  2. Your hair looks great!! And happy belated birthday! I'm hoping it snows here sometime soon... I LOVE SNOW! :)