Monday, August 8, 2011

The Insane Weekend

Not only was it tax free weekend, but I decide to take my 82 year old mother to the Keith Urban concert. I didn't tell her where we were going just to wear jeans and  comfortable shoes. For the people that do not know my mother, this is stress inducing for her. She is obsessed with clothes and how she looks. We navigate through the thousands of drunk people down Broadway, get into the arena, find our seats and she asks "Are we seeing Oprah?"
I tell her no and let her in on the evenings entertainment and this was the expression I got:

She was quite the trooper and had a great time

I also took my daughter and her best friend shopping so I popped my head into our new Anthropologie accessory store. Can't afford much in there but went nuts over the flooring they used. My teenage daughter was completely mortified that I was taking pics of the floor but I told her that is my job in life to embarrass her every chance I get.

It was this amazing grey tile and I would kill to have that somewhere in my house. I'm kind of obsessed with this herringbone pattern.

A girl can dream...

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