Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'd Rather Be In The Hamptons

Saturday we leave for Destin, Florida for the Beer Industry League Convention. Yes, my husband works for a brewery. But I would rather go to the Hamptons. I have this obsession with that area and dream of what it would be like to "summer" over there. The architecture is beautiful, the people are beautiful, and the shopping is not an airbrushed t shirt shop.
If I went there I would look like this:

and I would party with these guys:

here is where I would stay:

and i would shop here:

oh well, I'll just vacation like this:

and try to find a spot to park my fat ass.


  1. at least in destin you will not have the fattest ass.

  2. Sign me up for a trip to the Hamptons! :) Enjoy your weekend in Florida. I have to say I'd have taken any part of Florida over the last couple of cold, rainy months! But the sun has arrived now!!