Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday, Flea and Me

Friday kicked off flea market weekend here in Nashville and I had the privilege of spending it with 3 amazing women, Kathy from, Collyn from, and Brandy partner in crime. Flea Market this time of year is always a little disappointing but we still managed to find some interesting pieces:

there were 4 of these

I was so upset when I found out this was sold

For me this was the highlight of the day but at $350 a piece I had to walk away

The "Me" part of this post:

People start these blogs for many reasons, mine was therapy. I grew up in Baton Rouge, went to nursing school,  met my husband,  got married,  had kids and thought life was all figured out. I had a fantastic job working with an obgyn that I respected. I had that job for 15 yrs and I was really good at it. Then my husband gets a job promotion and we have the opportunity to move to Dallas. As a family we made the decision to do it. I would quit work, move my mother with us and start a new chapter in all our lives. It was terrifying for me because it meant, or felt like, I was losing my identity. Brian started his new position, kids adjusted to new schools and I was left to figure out how to be a house wife and deal with an elderly mother 24/7. I never was one of those women that wanted to be a stay at home mom. I loved working and this was torture. Why didn't I get a job? My husband travels all the time. My mother has a laundry list of health problems and is completely dependent on me. With no friends or family to rely on, I couldn't just go to a job everyday and leave mom or the kids. Three years later we move again, this time to Nashville. Same scenario,  Brian traveling, kids adjusting to new schools , one child pissed and rebelling, and mom in tow. At this point I have totally lost a sense of self and am not in a good place. I am angry, sad, and feeling guilty because I am so blessed. I'm tired of having to deal with a totally dependent parent, tired of being a maid and just want my old life back.

I started going to a therapist, made some friends and made the decision to give myself a job. Something for me that I had to do everyday that didn't involve cleaning, running to the pharmacy or grocery store, but something that I would enjoy. I have always loved design blogs and thought, why not, I could do this. So with the help of my son, I started. I didn't tell anyone. It was my secret and only for me. One year later I have made friends and feel like a belong to a community. I don't care if I have 1 or 100 followers, this is just a diary of my sometimes crazy, sometimes sad, wonderful full of love life that occasionally involves trips to the goodwill. I am truly blessed and am looking forward to this chapter in life.


  1. Melissa, what a lovely post. I think of my blog as therapy too (I say as much in my description), and I loved learning more about you both on Friday and during this honest post. Life is hard sometimes, and we need to see the beauty wherever it is - whether that's at the flea market, the Goodwill or in all the pretty pictures we pin!

  2. Here's to new chapters and continuing to find what makes YOU happy while still being available to your loved ones. It can indeed be a tough balance.

  3. I am missing something, almost 2 years here and don't know where the flea market is!

  4. Such a beautiful and heartfelt post. I appreciate you sharing this personal side with us! Also, I have a question about the blog - could you email me at, so that we could chat? Thank you and looking forward to hear back!


    1. Thanks so much Anna. I would love to talk with you. My email address is

  5. So happy to have met you shortly after you moved to Nashville. What a journey its been! Especially lately, you have been such an inspiration to me with the way you just one day decided to put yourself out there and reclaim what had been lost along the way. I'm still trying to figure that one out for myself! Excited to meet all of your wonderful new friends. Lots of love.

  6. I'm so glad you found my blog and now me yours! I had a similar experience as you for starting a blog (except we only moved a bunch within a 1 mile radius).
    I totally get the motherhood/ losing your sense of self. Blogging made me feel connected, and also helped me to get a crapload of projects done! I'm your newest follower and I look forward to keeping up with you.