Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Move Over Jonathan Adler...There's A New Potter In Town

So today was my second pottery class and it was a million times better than the first. The wheel and I did not get along last week but this week we worked on hand building and this is where I clearly need to stay. I loved it and would be fine never to play with that wheel again but next week we are back on it and I plan to kick it's ass before it kicks mine. I'm in awe of what can be created with something so simple as clay and the colors of glazes are spectacular so I can't wait to get to that stage. The people in these classes are an interesting bunch and they bring baked goods which is a huge plus.
I need inspiration so I went straight to Jonathan Adler and what he makes out of hunks of clay is mind blowing. It's good to have goals but I think I'll stick to bowls and dishes.

Here are some "goals" I have found that truly inspire me:

Source: via Libby on Pinterest

Source: via Misa on Pinterest

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest


  1. I hope to get an amazing pot under the tree next year :)

  2. Where are you taking classes? Cheekwood? I took some there and would like to try a new teacher.

  3. Very cool inspirations. Can't wait to see what you make! Even if there's blood in it . . . you've got to suffer for your art, right?

  4. Hello, How do I get in touch with you? There is no email or contact info listed .. please advise .. thanks .. Mary. Please contact me maryregency at gmail dot com