Tuesday, January 31, 2012

High Hopes

I already know this is going to be a stellar week for me because as I was in the drop off lane at Goodwill yesterday, the car in front of me pulled this out of the back of their SUV

It was so perfect and beautiful, but being fresh out the car, it wasn't priced so back I will be today!

You can't just drop off, you must go in, so walking back to the furniture department I spy this

I had a hard time getting a  good shot of this due to fact that it was so close to the shoe racks and I almost took out one whole row of shoes just to get this, but I love this piece! It would be amazing lacquered in white and would be great either in a bedroom, dining room or office.

With this kind of luck I am sure to conquer the pottery wheel tomorrow. I'm bringing mother with me so we will see how that goes. She may end up being either a source of inspiration or frustration. I will try to take pics of the dynamic duo.

Here are some rooms with some mid century pieces to get you going:

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  1. I love every pic in this post and why doesn't Form + Function own a new dresser right now????