Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Insane Week

From Wednesday on it has been like the amazing race around here. Mother loved going to pottery class with me and as soon as I put a hunk of clay in front of her, she went to town.

That is her getting mad at me.

I stayed clear of the wheel and hand built with mom and she kicked my butt...I clearly did not get these genes. After class the race began. Groceries for her then off to Vanderbilt for 3 hrs of heart testing. The rest of the week found us at more hospitals, doctor's offices, and of course she needed her hair done. I am tired of driving Miss Daisy around and just want not be in the car for the rest of the weekend.
Here are some rooms that I would never get tired of being in and would gladly drive to:

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  1. I just pinned your last image earlier today! I love those colors together. Love the boho 70's kinda looks a lot of these room have! - BOO