Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Anniversary Weekend Recap

We are back from South Florida and are armed with pics, memories, and rested bodies, minds, and souls. Our trip began Friday on a flight full of senior citizens. I kid you not we were the youngest people on the whole plane and this theme continued through the whole trip. This area is the playground for the over 65 crowd but they don't sit around, these folks are biking, walking, and enjoying retirement to the fullest.
We arrive at the hotel, drop our bags, and ask the concierge where we can find a restaurant that is not a chain, casual, and that has local flavor. They direct us to Little Bar in a fishing village called Goodland. Their motto is "a drinking village with a fishing problem"...perfect.

you gotta love a drum covered in leopard fur
The food was amazing, the crowd was seasoned, and the band rocked

this guy might have been having a heart attack

Saturday we decide to do some exploring so armed with a full tank of gas and a map we set out for Naples. This area is breathtaking. The colors and architecture were stunning.

It is definitely the playground for those who own a Ferrari because we saw one every few minutes

After a day of drooling over homes, cars, and elite shops we head back to the hotel. We decide to eat at an Irish pub across the street from the hotel which had live music and an interesting group of waitresses:

this chick was at least 70...I am not kidding!
We did step on the beach for about 30 minutes but with it being about 40 with a wind of 30 miles an hour, that's about all we could do. The amount of shells are amazing! These pics don't do it justice:

Sunday we decide to go to Everglade City to hunt some gators. We were worried because it's so cold we wouldn't see any but fear not because we did:

this is taken on the side of the road
I felt like I was in episode of Swamp People because Brian kept on yelling "shoot Troy!"

We find the smallest post office in the US

From there we explore Sanibel Island which is heaven. No traffic lights, no Walmarts or chains of any kind, people, aka senior citizens, on bikes everywhere. Just beautiful nature and peace and quiet. We happened upon a group of art galleries and there was a band playing with this woman singing "My Funny Valentine"

this is a typical crowd we hung with

Sunday was exploing Marco Island and having one last grouper sandwich.

We had such a great time but glad to be home with my babies and my dogs. I am blessed to have found a wonderful man that is my friend, love of my life, and captain explorer.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip and I know well deserved! Congratulations to you and Brian.

  2. I am the alligator bandit and Liz is the alligator queen! Love Swamp.People