Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Pottery Class

Well I got back 3 pieces that were fired last week and they look like an elementary school project. My family was supportive but they thought my spoon rest was an ashtray...I quit smoking 5 yrs. ago. So here they are...don't laugh:

Just wait, because I have some amazing ones coming. Anyway happy Ash Wednesday. What vices did ya"ll give up? I'm still deciding...maybe pottery.

Source: via Miss D on Pinterest


  1. I think I have those exact vessels from my first pottery class! You managed to make something you can use and love and you should be proud. Most people can't even form a vessel at all on the wheel!

  2. I love your pottery! By the way, I've included you on a blog chain letter. Don't hate me. I'd love for you to participate. Fun, fun!

  3. I love the spoon rest. Tell Brian to suck it! Don't quit pottery class. I'm going to do the next session with you.