Thursday, January 12, 2012

4 Day Recap


The Crochet family is on the road by 10am headed for New Orleans to cheer on LSU. The outside of the car is full of LSU magnets and we are pumped up screaming "Tiger Bate" to every Alabama fan we pass. We arrive at Brian's mom's house late that afternoon and everybody goes to bed early.


Face tattoos applied ,beer is on ice, catered food tray picked up, on the way to find a parking spot close to the quarter and the dome. 1 1/2 hrs. later we park, open the back of the car...time to party. 3 beers later I have to urinate. The best option I feel is the high school next to our $50 parking space. They had just let out and there were a bunch of kids hanging around. I walk up to one and ask if he can get me in. He tries to bang on the doors, which are locked because it's downtown NO. I notice that he has a certain beer company's key chain hanging out of his pocket, and I tell him my husband works for said beer company. He promptly introduces himself as Bennett and says he will get me in since that is his favorite beer. Great. 5 minutes later the captain of the dance team says Bennett got you in, go ahead. I am met at the door by a teacher who asks "can I help you?", I say "I'm with Bennett", she says go ahead.  Sure it's fine that a tipsy 46 yr. old woman with face paint and mardi gras beads says she is with a 17 yr. old. I go pee and then we head for the quarter.

Of course there were the typical New Orleans freaks out and about:

These 2 women attached themselves to my husband, he is the one that looks terrified.

We finally get to Pat O's where Randy and Ann are on a balcony.

Time to walk to the dome:

Total chaos in a good way.

Go in and lose. Don't want to discuss it.

Leave dome and Brian says "I'm pissed and I want to go home now" and that is what we did. We get to his mom's house by 12:15am, pack up our stuff and was on the road to Nashville by 12:30am. We pull in our driveway at 7:00am and go to bed.


Sleep till 1:00pm, shower go pick up the dogs. Go back to sleep.


Start my first pottery class. I suck. I was told that I am a tactile learner so I will learn differently than the others. In other words I am the special needs kid in the class. I even cut my finger while on the wheel so my pot has blood mixed in it.
After class pick up mother who needs blood drawn and groceries. I just want to take a nap. Run by my house, let dogs out, get groceries, pick Emily up from school, go back to my house. Let dogs in and Emily yells out "where is all this blood coming from?". Beau the great dane had whacked his tale and opened up a spot on it so blood was arcing all over my kitchen. I have blood on the ceiling, walls, counters and on us. I get him out in the garage where I chase him around with duck tape, because that works in so many situations. Get him in the car and we go to the vet. Now I have no idea how much blood is on me...I don't really care at this point. By the look on the receptionist face,  I must have looked like I was in a car accident or had been slashed by a serial killer. Beau's tale got wrapped up correctly and back home to clean the crime scene. Take mom back home, order chinese food and go to bed.


1:00am wake up in a pool of sweat and my chest feeling like an elephant has sat on me. Swig Nyquil and try and go back to sleep. I am now sitting here in my kitchen recording these events and seeing random spots of blood I missed yesterday.

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  1. Oh, dear God! Didn't know all that led up to your sweaty/elephant chest situation. What a crazy few days you've had. Good luck with your pottery class - I won't even attempt one because heaven only knows what they'll tell me. Feel better soon! Glad your pup is on the mend - that's nuts.