Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Estate Sale Follow Up

During the cattle herd, I happened upon a few items for myself which happen to compliment my new fave chair that was found at the GW:

My maiden name happens to start with W so perfect!

They are both needlepoint and I want to think a fabulous woman like Rue McClanahan
made these.

The "big" purchase of the day was this 9x13 chartreuse/acid yellow Persian rug:

This pic does not in anyway represent this rug. The room was full of paneling and dark so it comes off me it's not.
( I don't know why people buy shower chairs and bathroom accessories at these sales)

So the plan for this big boy is to end up in my living room.

Can't wait for the next estate sale!


  1. Oh awesome score! Can't wait to see it in your living room. I'm always amazed at what people buy at estate sales, used toilet covers is not something that i would need - some ppl are kinda nutty! ;) -Boo