Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It All Started With A Rug

I find it so interesting that one small change can start a s##t storm.

I bought a chartreuse Persian rug recently at an estate sale and that is the one thing that has created temporary chaos in this house.

After a good cleaning, I unrolled it into my living room and it was the perfect size. It's in fantastic condition, doesn't smell, the color is so bright and fun...everything else looks like s**t.

I hated my room...didn't even want to go in there.

I even had a friend say "just roll it up and put it away till you figure out what to do".

No...I need to figure this out now. So I came up with a plan...Everything needs to go white and let the rug be the star of the room. First stop craigslist. I found two white drexel club chairs in perfect condition for $100.00 each. Sold.
Next...editing...big time.
New throw pillows. One in yellow. One in chartreuse. Two in zebra print.
Club chairs each got a pillow from Target's Threshold line that look like a Moroccan wedding blanket.
And the biggest change was painting the living room BM Simply White.

I am in love

Yes, that's a dog bed shoved behind the coffee table.

I found this bowl at an estate sale this weekend for $4.00

The gold and white vase was also found at an estate sale for $8.00

I added this mid century lamp that I already had to the bar.

Cost breakdown:

rug $100.00
paint $50.00
club chairs $200.00
estate sale pottery $12.00
Target pillows $80.00

Small investment for a large amount of happiness.


  1. Looks great!!! Amazing what paint and a few tweaks can do!

  2. wow, looks great! i can't believe you got those chairs for $100 each! great find!! loving everything you're doing! -Boo

  3. Wow! You did that all insanely fast!! Looks great! Did I tell you I hit that same estate sale and saw that rug. I thought the color was so cool. Glad you got it. I got some other unique goodies there. Hope to see you tomorrow at the Flea!

  4. great white walls! adding it to my list of whites. and you were smart by painting it white...makes it all seem a lot more modern than it probably looked before.