Monday, March 11, 2013

She Wore Blue Velvet

I love velvet.

If I didn't treat my dogs like humans and let have full reign of the house, I would have velvet covering the majority of my furnishings.

But this happens alot

  The above chair sits in my kitchen is well worn and well loved by certain members of my family. 

Obviously Brees and when Emily comes home, that is her perch.

However, it has seen better days.

So while strolling through the GW, I come across this:

Now, it too has some wear on it but I am obsessed with this chair. I mean it's blue velvet for crying out loud! 
Painting the legs would bring it to a whole new level.
High gloss white would be fine but black could be super sexy or even silver.
I grabbed her along with the blanket from yesterdays post and ran home.
The well loved crewel wing back has been replaced with blue velvet.

Ignore flooring because that will be changed in a couple of weeks.
You may think it's strange to want or have a wing back chair in your kitchen but because I don't have the whole open floor plan nonsense, I like comfy/cozy seating in this space. Some interesting convos have happend in this spot and I don't want that to ever stop.

I wish I could find some more blue velvety furniture like these because I would be the one to put velvet in the bathroom.

kelly green console + velvet blue chairs by Lara Spencer   blue velvet chair in bathroomblue velvet chair - Google SearchLush blue velvet chair


  1. The thrifts have been kind to you!!! Great score, and I agree black legs would look nice.

  2. How's the velvet standing up to the dogs so far? It's one of my dream upholstery fabrics, too, but I'm afraid of the velvet + dog hair combo. (It's gorgeous, BTW!)

  3. What a great find.....your dogs are so spoiled :)