Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meet Betty

Let me introduce you to Betty. She is probably my favorite thing in my house. I spotted her in a junk shop in downtown Nashville leaning up against the wall on top of an armoire. She was not for sale and was the owners personal property. After several discussions and trips to admire her, he relented and she was given to me for Mother's Day. I could and have stared at her for hours. I love a vintage portrait!

Isn't she stunning?

This type of art creates beautiful moments in a room:


  1. I love Betty. What a great find!

    I've linked you up to my blog www.somuchtolove.com I'd love it if you could link me up to yours. I'm currently working on a post about Nashville. :)

  2. Done girl! Thanks so much!!
    xoxo Melissa

  3. Betty is very pretty! I think I remember seeing her before. Loved getting to meet and hang out with you today - so much fun! Must do it again soon!