Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's That Time Of Year

Well it's that time of year in the Crochet house...major project time!

We have a huge list but my #1 is kitchen flooring. Last year we tackled countertops, backsplash, and painting cabinets so it makes since to get this room finished.
Currently we have disgusting linoleum so anything would be an improvement.
This project not only includes the kitchen but also a half bath, pantry closet, and laundry room...that is why it wasn't done last year.
My home is not an open floor plan. The kitchen is definitely on an island by itself so keep that in mind.

1. continue the wood floors that we have throughout the first floor

Makes sense but I'm not really feeling it. It would be fine but not being an open floor plan lends itself to doing something a little different which is what my design aesthetic is all about.

2. Slate flooring Let's just say I am obsessed with it. Maybe because you saw it a lot in South Louisiana but I think it is so amazing.

 Now I can't afford the real thing but I have found a product that I really love and it's in my price range.

 Pergo Monson Slate

I love the variations of grey, the texture and the price. At $3.55 a square foot it's a lot of bang for the buck.
 It also transitions well from my honey colored wood floors.

It would be amazing in a herringbone pattern.

I love the white grout and black slate together.

I am obsessed with this foyer using the black slate, grey wall, and warm wood.

I could go on and on about more options, but I would be lying.

 In my world there is only one option and that is slate.

 Now to convince my husband.


  1. Great choice! That Tommy Smythe's kitchen is one of my favorites. Can't wait to see!

    PS How's your leg doing?

  2. Hmmm...I'm torn. Can you lay the Pergo in herringbone pattern? If not, I think a fun tile or hardwoods to match.

  3. I love slate too. Good luck and keep us posted!

  4. My mom had slate in her kitchen in Memphis years ago (maybe it's a southern thing?), and I've been obsessed ever since. That herringbone slate photo is to DIE for.

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