Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm Back And Need A Vacation

This summer has been banana's!

Moving daughter home from college.

30 year high school reunion.

My best friend since the beginning of time.

Pop up shop prep and sale.

Ya Ya Mother having one heart procedure after the other.

Look how furious she is at me! If she had a computer, I would be in serious trouble right now!

Moving daughter back to school into new apartment that is nicer than we ever had!

So I am ready for some fun...which means Flea Market this weekend!!!!!

I hit some thrift shops this week to prove I am not getting rusty and this is what I found:

This is part of a dinette set. The table was horrible but the lines of the chairs were really good, they just need new fabric on the seats and they would be good to go. They have kind of, if you squint, the feel of a wishbone chair so these paired with a Saarinen table or knock off version such as the Docksta from IKEA and you have a great set.

Now I come across these a lot but I think with some sanding and a coat of white lacquer paint and these would look super cool. GW wanted $14.95 each and there was a pair.

This is a great side table and would be amazing if you painted the wood black and kept the brass on the legs.

Love this rattan chair with magazine compartment! It would look great painted or left natural. Pop a cushion in it and that would instantly be my go to place to read.

This runner is so beautiful but pricey. The colors, the size, the pattern...perfect.

These mirrored cubes were so interesting to me. For proper end tables/night stands they would need a base to elevate them but again...this is a piece with possibilities.

And finally this. I paid a whole $2.99 and love it.

It joined this cluster of Asian art and stranger art in my bedroom:

So I am back and ready for Flea Market weekend...the garage is empty now:)


  1. Yay! I'm ready for the flea too and to get my shopping mojo back! ;)

    Love your finds of course. Did you sell the green velvet sofa from your sale?

  2. Great finds! What all did you buy besides the art?

  3. Love your eye!!! I hope I can make it to the flea this weekend. Maybe I'll see you there :)

  4. Great finds...I'll look at those rounded oak tables with new interest now! That art piece looks great on your wall.

    PS: I toured the new dorms on our campus a couple of weeks ago. They look like boutique hotel rooms. What ever happened to roughing it in college?!