Monday, May 6, 2013

Bye Bye 90's...Hello 50's

We have been lugging around a massive overstuffed sofa for many years. You know the one...they are all over Craigslist and sadly still in some major furniture chains that will remain unnamed. 

So last week as I was cruising/stalking Craigslist, I find what I think is "the one"...the replacement!

It was posted that morning, price was amazing, so I knew I had to act fast.

I showed it to my husband and he liked it so I emailed and within the hour I was standing in a man's garage staring at it. I panicked because knowing how CL works, you have to pull the trigger because if you walk away, the next guy will be there soon.

I wrote the check and hoped I had made the right decision.

Meet my new sofa

all 91" of mid century goodness

Now this has led to shopping for a new coffee never ends.


  1. Way to go and pull that trigger. Looks great! Now you get the fun of finding a coffee table!

  2. I can't wait to see it in person. Next week for sure!

  3. AHHH, LOVE IT! Weirdly enough I'm doing the same thing right now. Just got rid of the old, massively oversized sofa (sold it on CL in one day). I wanted something sleek and mid-century, but settled for something sleek and IKEA, mainly b/c my living room is teeny-tiny. I am officially jealous of your purchase.