Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flea Market Weekend Recap

It has been an INSANE several days around here.

My husband and I hosted a small company get together which included a meeting, dinner and sightseeing.

I was determined for everyone to sit at one table instead of people fixing a plate and squatting wherever.

The only solution is to go outside. The weather hasn't been brutal here yet, but I hate to sweat and eat so this was a crap shoot.

It worked out thanks to my husband buying a fan that I think NFL football teams use on the sidelines.

The following day was sightseeing day and I mentioned to the ladies that it was flea market weekend and they were in....even the men went.
These are the greatest group of people ever.

Here are some pics of my favorite things:


As you can tell this was a stellar flea market.

What did I buy?

Well, since we were all crammed in 2 cars, space was compromised but I did manage to "slip" something in.

This is a signed and numbered piece of art by Rina Rotholz.

Ms. Rotholz was born in 1928 in Israel. She is known for "tuilegraphs" (tile-writing) which are linoleum block prints. Her works depict Jewish and Near- Eastern subjects. She uses foils, metallic inks, and watercolor to give her works their strength and authenticity. 
This is getting framed and matted asap!
 After sweating a gallon or so at the fair grounds, we all showered, separately, and met up on Broadway for some honky tonkin...no pics taken cuz what happens in Nashville, stays in Nashville.


  1. The art piece is fabulous! What a find. I'm also drooling over those six dining chairs. And the giraffes. Definitely looks like a top notch flea market. All the ones around here sell made-in-China tube socks and NASCAR souvenirs.