Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oversized Art

I was making the rounds in my local thrift shops and this is hanging on the wall:

I was instantly in love.

The price is not exactly in my budget but I am hoping it will be a tough sell around here, conservativeville, and they will reduce it.

It is also very large...which is why I like it but it would take the right these:

Source: via Laura on Pinterest
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

So I am going to continue to stalk this certain thrift store that will remain nameless and hope that the price gets slashed...either that or we just don't eat that week.


  1. What a cool piece! Love it. I, too, am obsessed with gigantic abstract art at the moment. Someday, when I have time to blog again, I'll post something about my crazy huge scary art piece thrift score.

  2. Very cool!!! I bet you will get it! That piece would make a room. btw I am now obsessed with the inspiration photo of the painting of the kid with what looks like a bunch of mardi gras beads around him!! LOVE THAT! - BOO