Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fever Pitch

Unfortunately Emily's graduation is fast approaching and me taking the Scarlet O'Hara attitude of I'll think about it tomorrow,  is not going to cut it so this house is getting ready for a large crowd to descend upon us. The menu has been discussed, because as we all know, it's all about the food if you entertain a crowd from Louisiana. I have moved on being upset that the countertops will not be installed by then, and frankly these Formica ones will be covered in pans of food so nobody will even care. During all this planning and emotional distress, my mother's cat decides to bite the back of her leg. Now my mom is 82 with heart disease so when anything happens, it's a disaster. This is what cat scratch fever looks like:

A trip to the ER, IV antibiotics and 10 days of oral antibiotics that make you pee out your butt later, I am one big basket of nuts.

It's going to be fine. I can do this.

I ran to Target today and found the greatest front door mat:

Ignore the fact that we need to sand and repaint our front porch.

I also picked up some great towels on sale for $3 each

I promise I got more than 3 towels.

So between the fever in mom's leg and the fever pitch of activity, anxiety, and denial around here, I am going to have to be medicated.


  1. No way! I'm so sorry...hang in there..."this too shall pass" and then you'll have fab new counters as a reward for weathering the storm! Hope your mom feels better.