Monday, May 7, 2012

Finds For Under $100

We all know that what gets me going is finding amazing things, with that said, they also have to be affordable. I can find items all day long that are way beyond our beer budget, but that's not so much fun. So if I am going to send this last child of mine to college, I better be resourceful, thrifty, and creative with where I hunt. Obviously craigslist is an amazing resource and here are a few items that I found for under $100:

midcentury storage bench $35...would make a great toy box or clothes hamper

white leather and brass gentleman's chair $100...would be stunning in the closet

teakwood lamp $75

So it can be just takes a little effort and research but the payoff is tremendous. If anyone needs a special piece, I am your woman!


  1. Just found your blog and love it. I hope you post a cabinet painting tutorial.

  2. Both the blue bench and the lamp are amazing. I need to get back to checking Craigslist regularly!

  3. Oh that blue bench is AMAZING! such a great find, I want it ;-) xox Linda