Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

There was steady action around here this weekend...not what you're thinking.

Friday Brandy and I went to an Asian explosion estate sale and we missed out on the one thing we really wanted. Check out her post to view the most amazing grass cloth oriental navy wallpaper you have ever seen and will never see again because some chick that was young enough for me to give birth to took all 7 rolls. I'm not hating...just stating the facts. I did find a great fabric remnant for $3 that I will have Mom turn into a pillow:

A cool piece of art for $8:

Saturday I had my husband's bday present delivered and he was surprised and happy:

A man named Ed Landry in Hendersonville, Tn made this potting bench from hickory and it is large and in charge. So much potting will take place and it can double for a bar!

Cinco was a snooze fest in downtown Franklin. There was a Guinness World Record challenge for the most people shooting tequila and we failed miserably.

Sunday the gnome got the royal treatment:

and I'm still not over missing out on that wallpaper.


  1. That bench/bar is indeed large and in charge! Nice! I didn't get to go to any sales this week b/c of school stuff-glad you found some fun things despite the wallpaper.

  2. I picked up that same fabric, then put it back down not knowing where I would put it. Glad you grabbed it!! That wallpaper thing kills me. Uggh. So sorry. Sickening. On the bright side, the bench/bar looks great as does Mr. Gnome!