Friday, October 5, 2012


I ordered this book back in July and got it yesterday.

Now I am a HUGE fan of this couple and in my next life I would like to be them in every way except having to give birth to 7 kids. Having said that I was slightly dissapointed when I opened this book. It is full of all there past HGTV episodes...I've seen them all.

This book does however give a financial breakdown on each job and that is shocking to a girl that shops thrift and goodwill.

Do you remember this episode?

They spent $2391.76 on flowers and $1092.98 on vases!

$462.00 on books? There are 4 books on that coffee table.

Now I understand that lighting like this and art can be pricey but come on people...these clients are dropping some serious cash for this couple to give their expertise.

I am not saying I could replicate this room down to the very detail, but I sure could create a fun and energetic space that would be filled with vintage finds and not spend your kids college fund.

Just saying...


  1. Yeah, design books are crazy $$!! We have some at the store I work at and they're all over $100 a pop. But I must say, they certainly add to a space! I love when we go to a clients home and they literally have not ONE book in the entire home!!? It's happened twice this week! We always use designer books when styling.
    I like this couples style and I love that they take risks but it's not really my cup of tea - a little too crazy for day to day life. They would do great at hotel designs though! geesh - this is a long ass comment I'm leaving! ;) -Boo

  2. I wondered why I never have cherry blossoms in a room I do, even though I think they make the entire space. I understand the book charge because that lasts forever, but over two grand on flowers is insanity...
    xoxo -e (

  3. I haven't read the book yet, but I totally agree about the outrageous cost! You know I love Bob & Courtney, and I like their over-the-top approach, but I've always had a theory that it's not especially creative to spend a huge amount of money on a project. Let's face it, anyone can go buy a lot of expensive items from a showroom. But I'm always WAY more impressed with designers who style wonderful rooms without breaking the bank. To me, design is about being creative and clever - not just about having a huge budget.