Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm Back And A Little Bored

First and foremost I have to say Chicago is an INSANELY AMAZING town!

I'm in love with the whole thing...from the suburbs (gag usually and can't wait to get out of one day) to the city.

Love using public transportation
Love the architecture
Love the people...and I thought southerners were the only nice ones
Love the cleanliness
Love having options
Love the pace...everyone has a sense of urgency yet not in a rude way

I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and one in particular lives in a 1914 craftsman style home. His house was full of charm and character and I wish I could have photographed every single detail. I did manage to snap some pics of my favorite moments:

This was obviously at night so hard to see details but the windows are leaded glass with mint green colored accents in them.

You know I'm a sucker for vintage portrait art and he did not disappoint. He said "you can never have enough strangers on your wall". I agree.

He had a pair of Blackamore Chalkware sconces that he had purchased from a home in Hollywood.
I have no words...just envy.

Another fine home I saw happened to be Frank Lloyd Wright's home/studio.

His homes were sprinkled all over the burbs there.

I also had the opportunity to spend a few days in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, or what I will call the Hampton's of Chicago.

I could have taken a pic of every "estate" there but one in particular stood out...not just in architecture but because of the story.

The story of the woman that owns this property is inspiring to say the least and as a pay it forward gesture, she has created a "miracle path" along her property. An artist painted inspirational quotes along the path that are meaningful to her and she has placed a podium in front of her home with a notebook so people can put down there thoughts, troubles, or prayers. After writing down whatever you need to, you ring a brass bell and that symbolizes asking for your miracle.

You can read about this amazing woman's story and home here

Of course I had to do a little junkin there and I stumbled across this

This is a perm machine!!!!!!!!!
They were asking $275.00 for it and if anyone out there is opening a hair salon, this would be the coolest thing EVER to put on display. I can totally see a ultra modern sleek space with this in it.

So after landing back in Nashville, I unpacked my gloves, scarves and sweaters for purple and gold attire and headed home for this:

Yeah...we kicked some Gamecock ass

Now home again and feel like this:


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip!! How fun! I especially like the photo of your dog - reminds me of mine!

  2. Oohh. You were in my neck of the woods! Lake Geneva is about half an hour from us.