Thursday, October 4, 2012

I've Been Crazy And Uninspired ...

until I saw this:

Now I am personally not a huge fan of leathering up my walls but what it did do to me is make me go through a box of old pictures and beg my son to scan them for me. 

 Yes, that's me...the awkward one.
The point to this humiliation is that my father's den (that's his feet and plaid pj's in the background) was covered in leather!

Here's a close up and yes that's me again in his Eames lounger. 

Why would they let a cat sit in that chair?

It was the 70's...nobody was thinking clearly.

The past couple of weeks have been challenging with my mom but seeing these pictures makes me realize that I was fortunate to have been raised amongst great design.
Here are a few more with some iconic pieces that you design crazy peeps may recognize:

enamel fireplace

bacelona chair

more barcelona chairs

flokati rug and super cool coffee table

teak wood wall unit and grass cloth wallpaper 

rattan swing

Now that you have gone down memory lane with me, you can see why I am attracted to certain things. Is there anything in your childhood that sparked your love for good design?


  1. Absolutely NOT! My memories are of very large wooden heavy pieces of furniture from the 70s covered in a very scratchy orange/rust plaid - gag. You lived a much more design priveledged life. Lucky girl! Love all the pictures.

  2. LOVE your old pics....what a great space to grow up in!!!! I grew up with English and French antiques, so the apple fell pretty far from the tree on my end!!

  3. Wow! I always knew you came from good design stock, but now I'm just jealous! NICE childhood. No wonder you are so clever today. All the early exposure to wonderful pieces.