Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wandering Around On Wednesday

Today was spent with a good friend at an antique mall. For those that live here, you are familiar with Gaslamp Antique Mall. I personally feel claustrophobic in there and but I know they have a "few" good vendors in there that are worth the pain. I however never come out of there feeling anything but relieved to be breathing fresh air...I have issues.

Gaslamp now has opened up a second location...just down the driveway. I was skeptical but went and was I wrong! This time they got it right. I was kept interested, tempted and entertained from start to finish. 

Now some items were pricey but at least I didn't feel like it was the same shit that is piled in and up to the ceiling.

Here are some items that I thought were blogworthy:

bamboo mirror

brass side table

beautiful chair covered in Scalamandre fabric

black and yellow vinyl diner set

large brass lamp with oversized shade

glass chandy

small chinese lamp

sexy sconce

pair of crazy good mcm lamps...but very pricey!

pair of tiki stools

brass and silver oval table

I have no words but awesome!
And finally I took pics of 2 pillows that are made by a local artist Danielle Duer, who has been featured at Art & Invention Gallery. To me these are the ultimate in works of art.


  1. I went earlier this month and snapped some of the same photos (shocking, I know)! I haven't gotten around to posting about it yet, but don't you just love the open layout? So shopper friendly!

  2. Ooh! Good pics. Looks like we have a new spot of interest. - Brandy

  3. Very good stuff! I recently hit up a few Antique Malls in the area but didn't come up with anything blogworthy.

  4. Ooooh there's about 4 things you posted I would totally need in my life!! The brass cube & that crazy bird are awesome! -Boo