Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Weekend of Insanity and Profanity

This weekend started out with some promising estate sales so Kathy and I met at one of these "time capsules" and I scored 2 serving pieces:

I love the one with the green triangle because it has the small magnet where your knife can rest.

I also scored a ridic amount of vintage matchbooks for $5. We will never be without a match in our lifetime. I know...I'm weird.

I termed this house a "time capsule" because it was a MCM treasure trove:

unfortunately this was sold

there were a pair of these attached to the wall flanking a desk

nothing screams basement than a sofa full of creepy dolls

Then from there we met ModFruGal at the flea market. The weather was amazing and so was the pickings:

she made it home

she is home with me

Good flea market with great friends.

Saturday was Emily's 18th bday and her cousin took her out Friday night and we received a text or 2 concerning beverages that were being consumed at midnight.
Now Brian and I partied our way through college and we are not naive when it comes to this subject. I was raised that 5:00 is cocktail hour and every party should offer a stocked bar and a keg.

Saturday rolls around and we call to say "happy bad does your head hurt and did you throw up?"

She said she had fun and was planning on going to her football game in a few minutes. She will send pics of tailgating.

We got a pic alright...of the f**king tatoo that she got!

I was nauseated for 10 seconds and then I moved on...which means made a drink.

Brian however fixed a Jamison on the rocks and was pissed...for a while.

At least LSU won...sorry Brandy.

We have moved could be worse..far worse and it's not on her face.

So to sum it up, there has been a lot of alcohol consumed, some shopping, and football watched.

At least mother didn't fall or need to be taking to a medical facility.

That's another blog post coming soon.


  1. So enjoyed the estate sales and flea! How did I miss that little lamp at the end (looks like a desk lamp). Oh well. So sorry about Emily's new body art. I can only imagine the sickening feeling, but I have no doubt I'll have a few of those in my future as well. Drink on, mama!

  2. oh man, i hit that same estate sale and cried over those lamps being sold! i haven't seen anything like them! so great.

  3. Emily got a WHAT!!! Say it isn't so....oh well, life goes on. Remind me to give her &*^% next time a see her. Hated missing the flea but I probably would have come home with that crazy cement dog with flowers and then asked myself what I was thinking. - Brandy

  4. Inked eh? Sorry mama! I'm sure my turn is coming. Looks like the flea had some new stuff out on at least it was freshened up from Friday?

  5. Alcohol, shopping, and football...not a bad weekend, all else (tatoo) aside. :) I love that little glass doored bookcase...I lost out on one of those at a flea market years ago, and I've never gotten over it. Actually, I love pretty much everything in this post. Nice eye candy for a Monday morning!