Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm Insane For...

I am insane for many things. To list a few items, here are my top 5:

1. LSU football
2. flea markets
3. dogs
4. design
5. books

Bet you weren't expecting books to be in my top 5 but I am obsessed with reading.

I will be halfway through a book and am already researching what I will read next. I don't own a Kindle or a Nook. I like to hold, smell and touch a book. I like to fill bookcases till they are overflowing. I still have every Nancy Drew ever written and they are proudly hanging out next to "To Kill A Mockingbird".

One day I will have a room that looks like this:

or dine in a room that is like this:

I would not have a problem filling this bad boy up:

You get my point.

 So without further ado, I want to tell you about a book that is rocking my world right now. No, it is not Fifty Shades of Gray, it is "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn. This is such a time suck! I barely get anything done because I can't put this down. Put simply, it is the story of two thirty somethings grappling with the disillusionment of a shoddy 5 yr. marriage. Throw in boredom, selfishness, loss of careers, and many twists and turns and you get the perfect book. 

So do yourself a huge favor, get off pinterest and READ!


  1. OMG, couldn't agree more! I read this book in 2 days! It is SO good!! I actually went out and bought her first two books but haven't started them yet. I have a love/hate relationship because once I start, I can't stop and then get nothing else accomplished. I even get irritated when I have to fix food for my family.

  2. Oh no! I am the same. Once I start, I can't stop! Definitely going to check this book out. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I read this book in one day as well - loved it! I also have been an obsessive reader since I was a child and love these rooms - but since I got my kindle four or five years ago I am now obsessed with paring down and not have tons of stuff everywhere - so it is very helpful if you read books quickly and then they sit around collecting dust!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  4. Agree, my neighbor was in the alley momentarily to check on the kids playing and holding her iPad saying that she had to rush back in to keep reading this book.
    I downloaded that night and read it in two days! It was my first time reading a book on my iPad...have been reading every day since.
    Just downloaded the kindle app and am hooked up to now check out books from the library. I just didn't get to the library enough and this has gotten me back to reading.
    Although I just visited the Richland library yesterday and think i could spend some time there before picking up kids from school!

  5. I'm a loser. I don't read enough. I have a patience problem :)