Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let's Catch Up

Well, a lot has been going on but let's start slow.

Thanksgiving. Really nice to have Emily home from school and that helped me from being super stressed about the parental units.
I should have taken a pic of my layers of batik and sunflowers on my dining room table but by the time I thought about it dinner was over and I was drunk.
Then mom and I took Emily back to school. This trip I called the "Thelma and Louise" car ride. Although Louisiana has no cliffs, there were times when I wanted to take the car into a large ditch.

Although it was a really quick trip due to mom needing surgery, we were able to get together with mom's sister, my Aunt Peggy.

They are so faking that they like each other. These 2 are the queens of Snarkyville.

Mom got to see her childhood home:

We went to LSU's campus and saw Mike the Tiger:

Here he is pooping:

Then came home and had surgery.

She did well and that part of life is good.

I leave tomorrow morning for Orlando to deal with Dad. The upside is that my sister is meeting me there so I am hoping to get some good drunk pics of us because I promise that will need to happen.

My dad has been diagnosed with a form of schizophrenia so we need to find the right place for him to be. Probably TMI but that is the reason for the need for cocktails.

So there you go...the reason for my absence. It just seemed silly to post about paint colors or fabric choices.

Have a good weekend. I am off to Crazytown.


  1. You were missed, for sure. Sorry to hear it's been a stretch of bumpy road for you lately, and I'm sending good thoughts for you and your sister and hope some relief is on the way. You've still got your humor to lighten your spirit (tiger poop photo was so silly!) Take care and am looking forward to your next post.

  2. Oh, Melissa. I will be thinking of you as you embark on your FL trip. That part about your mom and her sister cracked me up. Your mom is a hoot. She is so stylish and spunky. Good luck with your dad. You deserve all the cocktails you can imbibe!

  3. Safe travels and we'll be thinking of you. Good luck in Orlando and we'll have to get together in the new year if not before!

  4. Good luck girl. I know everything is going to be ok and you have really good friends here to support you. - Brandy