Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 Recap

2012...What a f**king year!

I hate those blogs where someone pins some inspirational quote that is supposed to make you feel better about everything. I am just going to be honest and say "Shit happens and you move forward" that's what I am doing.

To recap, my mom has had 2 cardiac procedures and is doing well. I finally talked her into getting a cane for stability (that is code for I was tired of her hanging on to me every time we went somewhere). She won't use it because it doesn't look good. If anyone sees a Lucite cane call me.

My dad, who I have been in limited contact with for a laundry list of reasons, calls me and tells me he has been admitted to a skilled nursing facility in Florida. After speaking to doctors and social workers, his diagnosis's are congestive heart failure and schizo affective disorder. My whole childhood just made sense.
I am now learning about Medicaid. I have started an investigation with Adult Protective Services. I am educating myself about Schizophrenia.

It's a lot.

But the silver lining is I am not alone on this journey. I am blessed with so many things and have learned everyone has a story. If you think someone's life is perfect...think again. Looks are quite deceiving. 
I am guilty for wishing I was some of these people who have their homes in magazines, that live these glamorous lives and spend buckets of money on Christian Liaigre benches (Jeffrey Allan Marks and hot Ross's Nantucket client). But I am quite sure these people have shit in their lives...I mean some of them  have to order stuff from catalogs!

Another "person" in my home has also been blessed.
Remember Betty?

She has found a man...

  His name is Bruce...he's hot like Betty.

So in closing, I am looking forward to a new year. It may be challenging at some points but as Sweet Brown so eloquently stated when her apartment complex was on fire:


  1. Melissa, glad to see you back. Normally I get ticked off at bloggers who disappear but I knew of the shit you were dealing with and only occasionally peeked to see if you were around. Nice surprise to find you today. I have been through some of the same (similar) stuff as you and I know how hard it is to be in the thick of it. Its relentless. But there is life and there is hope and there is help and you will get through. Hang in there.

  2. So sorry you've had such a rough time of it. I will consider finding a swank cane my top shopping priority!!! Consider eyes peeled! Can't wait to catch up with you and the girls today!

  3. So sorry I'm missing our lunch due to illness. You've had an "interesting" year for sure. But you know if you ever need anything we're here. And yes, I'll be looking for a cool cane as well! :)

  4. I know it has been a suck time lately. I'm really sorry you are going through so much. I'm always here for you and your family. - Brandy