Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Definition of Flambeau

Flambeau: lighted torches used to illuminate floats in Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

It also is the name for the most amazing lighting company that is quintessential New Orleans. I would give up a body part or two to own either a pair of sconces or a lamp. They are perfect in either an eclectic home or a very clean modern setting. They are like a piece of art:
Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest
Source: via Angela on Pinterest
Source: via Lori on Pinterest
Source: via Kim on Pinterest

This is just a small taste of their inventory so if you want see the whole collection and learn about the artists, check out their website


  1. Wow! Never heard of them before so thanks for the introduction. I'm particularly fond of the sconces. A little cra-cra, but in a good way.

  2. Oh I love those. I've never heard of that company. I'm going to check them out. - Brandy