Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Shopping Promise

I have decided that this Christmas I am going to shop ONLY local or Etsy for gifts.

For me this is not that hard because I hate the mall.

I would rather have a colonoscopy because at least you get some Michael Jackson juice.

So I thought I would occasionally feature really cool artisans/businesses that offer unique items.

First up...Batch Nashville

Rise & Shine Gift Batch

Every Rise & Shine Gift Batch includes:
  • 13 oz. of Road Rage blend whole bean coffee from Garage Coffee Company
  • 2 lbs. of Sunday Morning Pancake Mix from My Friend Who Loves to Cook
  • 6 oz. of local honey from TruBee
  • A double serving of Cinnamon Girl oatmeal from Haulin' Oats
Of course, we'll also include your short, hand-written message to the recipient (please note at checkout).
Rise & Shine Gift Batches are mailed within 48 hours of purchase in a heavyweight kraft box filled with gift crinkle paper for a unique look and added protection.
Applicable local and state taxes apply, as well as shipping and handling fees.
Some products may contain nuts or other allergens. 

I Love this idea and who doesn't like breakfast?

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  1. I do love this idea. I think this is what Modfrugal mentioned one time. I wonder if she knows about this company.